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Light On Light Through

You'll hear a little of this and lot of that on Light On Light Through - my reviews of great television series, my interviews with authors and creative media people and their interviews of me, my media theory and political commentary, thoughts about my favorite cars and food and space travel, discussions of my music, and a few of my readings from my science fiction stories. These are usually audio and a few are video.  In the first years, starting in 2006, I put up a new episode at least once a month.  More recently, it became more or less often than once a month, usually a lot less often.  But in the Fall of 2018, I began getting more in the mood to podcast, and you can expect new episodes now a little more frequently.  - Paul Levinson

Jul 28, 2017


It all started in the hot summer of 1960, when Marilyn Monroe walked off the set of The Misfits and began to hear a haunting song in her head, "Goodbye Norma Jean" ...

Welcome to Episode 106 of Llght On Light Through, a special video podcast of a reading I did of a brand new novelette, "Marilyn and Monet," at Readercon 28 in Quincy, MA on July 15, 2017. I read about 3300 words or about a third of the 10,000 word story. (You can read the complete story here.) Thanks Phil Merkel for recording this reading. (The voices you occasionally hear in the background are from a panel next door - I think they add to the ambience.)