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Light On Light Through

You'll hear a little of this and lot of that on Light On Light Through - my reviews of great television series, my interviews with authors and creative media people and their interviews of me, my media theory and political commentary, thoughts about my favorite cars and food and space travel, discussions of my music, and a few of my readings from my science fiction stories. These are usually audio and a few are video.  In the first years, starting in 2006, I put up a new episode at least once a month.  More recently, it became more or less often than once a month, usually a lot less often.  But in the Summer of 2020, I began getting more in the mood to podcast, and you can expect new episodes now much more frequently.  - Paul Levinson 

24 October 2021 Interview about Light On Light Through podcast

Oct 31, 2009

Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 67:  How Does It Feel To Have A Book Published? .... in which I chronicle the publication of my latest nonfiction book, New New Media, on September 3, 2009, with descriptions of events and expectations in August 2009, through the day of publication, and continuing with adventures in September and October 2009.   Highlights include mentions of the book in The New York Times and other newspapers prior to publication, interviews on radio shows, the book tour, the use of a blog in promoting the book, the first book review, the Kindle edition, and much more.   These reflections of an author - me, about New New Media - were first detailed in a series of eight short (5-minute) episodes in my Ask Lev podcast, where these writerly accounts will continue.


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published on 3 September 2009:  New New Media

my latest novel: The Plot to Save Socrates
"challenging fun" - Entertainment Weekly
"Da Vinci-esque thriller" - New York Daily News

and Brian Charles Clarke says The Plot to Save Socrates "resonates with the current political climate . . . Sierra Waters is sexy as hell . . . there's a bite to Levinson's wit" -- in Curled Up With A Good Book

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